Michael J Martin

I have made a living online for the last ten years through,  SEO, Mass Page Websites, Internet Marketing and Software Sales


How to generate ten times more traffic to your website within just 6 weeks, without spending a single penny on advertising!

OK so you currently own what we like to call a normal website, but normal websites just don’t work anymore…

Upload Your Plugin

Step 1. Upload the plugin to your existing website and activate it.

Add Your Content

Step 2. Add a single page of well written content to a page of your website.

Set Your Radius

Step 3. Choose a radius around your business that you want to work.

How to clone the HomeAdvisor business model

Completely automate your lead collection, distribution and sales without the need for an office or even any staff…

Add your Lead Buyers

Step 1. Add your lead buyers to the system and set their lead requirments.

Create Your Lead Form

Step 2. Build a form to collect all your leads with our drag and drop editor.

Watch Your Leads Sell

Step 3. Sit back and watch your leads sell on complete autopilot.

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